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Buy Local Vs Online - Part 1

By Louise Campbell on 19-May-15 14:07

Recently we've had quite a lot of enquiries from Brides-to-be asking advice on whether or not they should buy their wedding dress locally or online. There's been quite a lot of magazine and online articles on the risks of buying online and as everyone knows Taranaki Weddings is ALL about promoting and supporting the use of local businesses and services.

BUT (yes - here comes the but)......can you get a better deal online? 

Afterall - it's all very well for us to say BUY LOCAL BUY LOCAL if all we've ever done is read the negative articles online about the riks of buying dresses we've decided to try it for ourselves! 

Mrs Taranaki Weddings aka. Louise has been COVETING a GORGEOUS dress from Churchwood Bridal for a while! This particular dress by Stella York is stunning and timeless from the sweetheart neckline, the stunning satin fabric and the delicate covered buttons all the way down the back....AND IT HAS POCKETS! What bride doesn't want POCKETS!!! Louise even contemplated buying the dress to wear to the recent DMAN Entertainment Autumn Ball - but Mr Taranaki Weddings said that the $2095 price tag was a BIT much for the ball....... (he's so mean!)

Here's the BEAUTIFUL dress - just so you know what it looks like.....

You can kinda see why we love it right? we already said - we decided to try a little experiment and see if we can REALLY get this dress online for a fraction of the price (10.5% of the price to be precise - sounds too good to be true - right?!) we did a bit of research online and checked out what appears to be the favourite sites to buy weddings dresses from and YAY we found it!!!! We've tried to be smart and have checked out the feedback for the seller - seems to be pretty decent - so here goes....

So after taking some measurements - we've hit the "Buy Now" button - forked over the $220.90 NZ and we're eagerly waiting the arrival of the dress. 

We have already had some contact from the seller who wants to check the size and colour we've chosen. We like that he's double checked - makes us feel like he cares about us as a customer and sets our mind at ease that we really are going to receive the dress in the picture and in the right size...... and to make extra sure - we're going to have the measurements checked again just to make double sure before we give the final OK! 

Check back or follow us on Facebook to find out what happens when our dress arrives from overseas......