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I NEED a Love Song.....

By Louise Campbell on 11-Sep-17 06:33

Oddly, when Mr MW and I were planning our wedding - one of the hardest decisions we had to make was what music we wanted played, and when. Or - to put it another way - figuring out".....

"The Soundtrack To Our Big Day"

What was playing when I walked up the aisle? - "Songbird" by Eva Cassidy was my song of choice. I felt like I needed to pick our processional song - afterall - as I took the final steps up the aisle towards the man who was about to become my Husband - I wanted the music playing in the background to be my message to him. I wanted this song to be the first on the soundtrack of our day. I wanted it to be a song that I loved - but also a song that to that point - didn't carry any other memories - it was important to me that when we heard this song, for the rest of our lives, we'd remember that moment. 

And honestly - to this day, and I hope for the rest of our days - whenever I hear "Songbird" - I can close my eyes and remember the look on Mr MW's face. The smile, the tears in his eyes, the sun on my face, the breeze going through my hair and my dads arm in mine. Music carries such special memories - so chose your music wisely. You want to remember those precious moments forever and the music you choose will help. 

If you're struggling to choose the perfect song to walk up the aisle to - here's a small selection of our favourite choices. Some you'll have heard of, some not so much. (Click on the titles to head straight to the song on YouTube). 

"A Thousand Years" - Christina Perri 

Everyone knows this song and yes - it's been played at so many weddings already - but there's a reason why. It's just perfect. It's the perfect pace...the lyrics say exactly what you'd want them to say and the melody - it's simply beautiful. 

"God Only Knows" - The Beach Boys

So, depending what decade you were born in - you might never have heard this one. The pace is a little quicker, and it's a little more light hearted and fun! Perfect for the Bohemian Brid, or dare I say it - for a Beach Wedding. 

"I Choose You" - Sara Bareilles

Have you even seen this video? This song was MADE for the soundtrack to your big day! Sara Bareilles wrote this song to help someone propose and it's just SO perfect! 

"Home" - Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros

Another one for the slightly Bohemian or Retro Bride....a little upbeat, ecclectic and just the sweetest lyrics....."Home is wherever I'm with you"....need I say more?

"Truly Madly Deeply" - Savage Garden

A totally classic love song with great pace. Chances are - if you were born in the 80's - you slow danced with your high school crush at a school dance to this one. I know I did! 

"La Vie En Rose" - Edith Piaf

Okay - so this is definitely a bit of a wild card and might not be a popular choice - written in the 1940s and sang entirely in French - it's overwhelmingly romantic. I dare you to close your eyes and listen to this song and not imagine you and your future spouse slow dancing in an old classic black and white movie! 

"Kissing You' - Des'ree

This one was the Love Song in Romeo and Juliet - do I need to say more? The moment Romeo and Juliets eyes met through the fish tank......come on! (For the record - this song also featured on the soundtrack of my wedding day!)

"Canon in D" - Pachelbel

This one is a CLASSIC Wedding Song - how could I not include it! If you're a traditionalist, a romantic or are getting married in a church but don't want to walk up the aisle to the traditional Wedding March - this one is perfect. There are literally millions of versions of this - but I think you can't go past the traditional baroque instruments it was intended for. It's not known what the intention was when this music was written - but it just sounds EXACTLY like something you should walk up the aisle to. Listening to it right now - I want to go put my dress back on! 

"Somwhere Only We Know" - Lily Allen

This isn't the original version of this song (I find the original version a little sad to be honest) - but it's the most "lovely". It's just a very very lovely song about a secret place that only two people know about.

"Make You Feel My Love" - Adele

Adele is well known for writing many sad and melancholy love songs....but this one is different. This one is about making promises and showing your love - if you're an Adele Fan - then this one is for you.

So - there you go. 10 (well 11 if you count mine) beautiful Love Songs to start your wedding soundtrack. We hope, whatever music you choose, that it perfectly sets the scene and delights you with beautiful memories everytime you hear it, for all the days of your life. 

Mrs MW x

Thank you to Amanda Ritchie Photography for supplying the image for this blog