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It's All In The Theme

By Louise Campbell on 19-Mar-15 16:03

When planning your wedding the best place to start is by deciding on a "Theme" before you groan and roll your eyes - I don't mean "Disney" themed or "Rocky Horror" themed (yes - I have seen both) - a "themed" wedding doesn't have to be tacky or theatrical. When you set a wedding "theme" it just means what style your wedding is going to take. Sometimes it's a colour theme - so shades of pink or blue, sometimes it can something you and your husband/wife-to-be are passionate about - so a movie themed wedding or a beach themed wedding. Or perhaps you're theming your wedding around one or both cultures - so a Scottish themed, or an Indian Themed wedding. Your wedding theme is really just something that keeps the whole day uniform and....well.... "themed".

There are so so SO many different "themes" out there - so we've taken 4 of the current most popular themes and broken them down a little to help you figure out what you need to do to achieve the perfect themed wedding. 

Feast your eyes on our gogeous little pin-boards filled with inspirational images courteousy of the ever-awesome Pinterest (the essential tool of EVERY bride-to-be)!

Whats "Gatsby"?!

If you're planning a Gatsby Themed Wedding and are looking for a little inspiration - look no further!

Essentially "Gatsby" is Art Deco. (One of our FAVOURITE periods in Art & Design - did we mention Mrs Manawatu Weddings is an Fine Art/Visual Arts Major). Art Deco began in the 1920s and is essentially representative of opulence, glamour, luxury and excitement about advances in modern technology (not so modern now though)...

So if you're planning a Gatsby/Art Deco themed Wedding think Glamour, Excitement, Glitter, Rich Bold Colours, Geometric Shapes (triangles, squares and rectangles in particular) and above all else luxurious, over-the-top ornamentation.

Do you want a "Rustic Chic" themed wedding?

Rustic Chic is more than just a's an all encompassing style. There's something heartwarming and charming about a Rustic Chic Wedding - it's about nature, it's about recycling, upcycling and handmade/homemade touches. It's relaxed and informal, it's simplistic, it's unmanicured gardens and comfortable beautiful gowns. Its about embracing natural fabrics, unpainted woods, simple decorations, wild flowers and above all else working within the limitless boundaries of the natural landscape.

Think reclaimed wooden furniture, think naked (unfinished) cakes, think mis-matched china and linens, think second-hand, mismatched or handmade dresses, think open collar shirts and comfortable shoes. Think wild flowers or tea lights in jam jars. Think fun. Think laughter and dancing. Think LOVE.

And if you still need a little more inspiration - here's a collage of everything we think a Rustic Chic wedding should look like to help you on your way.

"When you wish upon a star" - a Romantic Fairytale Wedding

When you think Romantic Fairytale it's hard not to conjure up images of Cinderella at the Ball - go with it!!! Because that's what Romantic Fairytales are all about!

Think ballgowns, think stunning crystal chandeliers and flowers - oh-SO-many flowers, think blush pink and ivory pearls, think diamonds, think chiffon draping and golden candelabra, think candlelight, ...moonlight, think of everything that you may wish upon a star, think LOVE!

The Bohemian Wedding

A Bohemian themed wedding is eclectic and whimsical. Bohemian - by definition - is a kind of "anti-theme"..... Bohemian culture started in late 19th Century France (once again - Mrs Manawatu Weddings art degree comes in handy) - Paris in particular. It really began as a revolt against middleclass, mainstream culture and the control it had over the arts and literary world. A true Bohemian isn't really concerned with wealth or structure. So essentially a Bohemian Wedding is one that rejects traditions and is less structured - it's more relaxed and free spirited. A Bohemian wedding is a great way to have a low-cost wedding.

Think upcycled, recycled op-shop finds. Think of ways to re-use things you already own or can borrow. Consider wearing your mothers, sisters or aunts wedding gown. Wear your hair down and free and carry a bouquet of wild flowers. Get married in bare feet in your garden at home and decorate with wild flowers or herbs in jam jars, handmade bunting made from recycled wrapping paper or fabrics and beautiful old photos and postcards in a mix of frames. Invite your guests to sit on cushions, beanbags, deckchairs and rugs on the lawn all around while you say your "I Do"s. Write your own vows. Borrow table clothes, napkins, crockery and stemware from friends and family. Have a picnic lunch in place of a traditional reception and send handwritten thank you notes on old postcards. Reject the elaborate and enjoy the freedom.